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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Stressed up

Basically what I have to do every single week is that I have to record my voice, reading a text in Malay and also a small part of Tuesdays With Morrie until I finish the entire book. And there're quizzes and forums to participate.

That, is for one subject only.

Then I will have to translate law text (usually 1 page-thank God) and some technical or non-technical text which are usually 5 pages long for two other lecturers. I have to analyze and review my work too. Then every alternate week, I will have to edit people's work.

And I have 6 novels to read for my minor and lots of tiny work to do for my Spanish. I am glad I dropped my English.

If I survive, I'll be a happy girl.

Off to record TWM and the Malay text for the nth time. T_T


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