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Friday, January 08, 2010

8th January, 1:41a.m.

Mark this day down because for the very few times in my life, I shall not live in denial and admit that I am talkative, I talk too much and I annoy some people sometimes. Especially those who don't like people who talk as much.

I'm born to talk I believe. I talked too much since kindergarten and they say, when you start that young, it's pretty hard to turn back. I used to have coarse voice in the evening, apparently because I talk too much during the day that I lost my voice in the evening.

But unfortunately, I am only good at talking nonsense, not serious matter. I get wobbly legs when I have to talk in front of the crowd. I'm more like a small group talk a lot kinda person. Ok, I talked since 6.30p.m to 1.00a.m. just now and I have tiring cheek muscles and aiya, whole face just feel painful la. I hope it's a sign that it's getting smaller.

Situations when I talk:-
- I'm with people I know and comfortable with.
- I'm hyper.
- I need attention. *waves*
- I'm sleep-talking.
- I'm curious or need to know something.
- I'm being cheeky.
- I just need to give my opinion and share my experience.
- I find something funny.
- I find something disturbing me.
- I'm bored.
- I feel like talking.
- I'm giving instruction. *even on photos*
- I'm just being crappy and all.

I even talk when I'm taking pictures. Sigh.

Times when I won't talk or not comfortable talking:-
- I'm sleepy.
- I'm lazy.
- People not layan-ing me.
- I'm angry
- I'm stressed up or has lots in my head.
- I'm sad/emo.
- I'm in front of a crowd and people are all looking at me. Small group also, when I notice people staring at me, I just shut up wtcrap.
- Presentations, in front of the class. So basically serious stuff is not my thing.
- I'm alone in my room wtcrap, I'm sane okay?
- I'm alone in my room with my roommate, she doesn't really like to talk- at least to me, CML (Crap My Life)
- I'm alone in a new place with no one I know and nobody is giving a shit about me CMLx2
- I got sore throat or don't have voice. wtcrap, I'm not THAT talkative la.
- I know that person hates me talking wtcrap CMLx10.
- I'm with people who really just HATE talking CMLx100.

So, yea, there are times when I don't talk. But mostly when I'm alone so it's pretty hard to see me with my mouth close and not talking. You people damn hard to please.

When I talk, say I talk too much. When I don't talk, all say scared of me, cause I usually am angry when I don't talk. wtcrap, all you all say can already la.

Want bubbly Ping or angry Ping? Ish.


Lily said...

ehhh, bubbly ping is of coz better la... hehehe

Unknown said...

i want the bubbblyyy pinggg!cos u never fail to bring the joy to our group all the time!! :)
talk more k!! make sure u talk to me MORE when we go out cos i leave this comment for you! hahaha!

Mrs Chong said...

lily: awww..thankssss..hehehe..yea...all scared of me when I don't talk.

jen: touched...hehehe..wokay...i talk so much all the time laaa...hehehe..

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