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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I see rain

Finally!!!!! Please rain the whole night. I don't mind eating bee hoon soup in my room, just rain!!!!

Lots of work, suffocating me, but I'll be okay. I think. I've got one more coming in, PRESENTATION. Nice name I got there, first group kena me already. Nevermind, at least that means I get over with it faster and got more time to do other things.

CNY plan - Do more homework. Finish more work so that I don't have to rush like mad when I'm back. Hopefully can finish translating all the text and writing the analysis. And basically just spend my CNY doing more work for a more relaxing other half of semester.

Back to work.

Recycled picture from my study break last semester. Just so you know, I'm busy. =P

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