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Monday, January 11, 2010

Lecturers on Facebook

stress me much.

My Spanish sir is always on facebook so I need to remind myself to be careful of what I post on my status. Else he'll be talking about it in class. T__T wtcrap?! He asked if I am someone who is easily stressed and I say sometimes, then he say ya, he knows. I've said so online. The last time was when I was complaining about my recording assignment.

Oh and there's super a lot of mosquitoes in my room that it seems to be more THEIR room than mine. wtcrap. Serious. Biting me like nobody's business, having a feast on my blood and all. Nonsense la, I need that electric thing to zap them all DEAD. Die you die!!!!!!!

*scratch scratch scratch*


cheng ling said...

Can we not add our lecturers in FB? Can we NOT???Haha...I haven't :)

Mrs Chong said...

chengling: CAN!!! Mine was bcuz he's my Spanish lecturer and I thought it'll be fun to add him and see him writing in Spanish all..mana tau...he check people's facebook and alwiz bringing it up in class..

mie said...

hahaha... kesian... n ping ping, u taking spanish... nice... i took spanish as well... heheh

Mrs Chong said...

Ah si?? Muy bien. Me gusta mucho el espanol.

Mad Maureen said...

hehhe.. u should write at your Facebook status "I love Spanish language so much!!!" - he will give u an A for it.. Do try this~!

Mrs Chong said...

HAHAHHAHA dowan la..shy.. =P

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