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Friday, January 29, 2010

I really don't know how to enjoy uni life

After 6 months, I still have the same thought. I mean I still don't understand why people say uni is the best time of our lives. I admit the friends we have here, the fellowship, the closeness, it's nice. But if this is the best time of my life, I dare not see what happens after I grad.

I mean there's so many work to do every single day. I'll be rushing for something I don't even understand, every week, rushing for assignment to finish, rushing for classes. This is bad. T___T I don't want my uni life to pass by just like that but sometimes, I cannot help it. Take for example, this week, I've not met up with my friends (except Wed when I went out with my CG friends) for dinner because I rather stay in room to finish up my work and whatnots.

I'll try to enjoy but for now, with so many work in front of me, I cannot make myself to enjoy the busyness.

Miss!!!!! No matter how many friends (ok la, quite little) I have in uni, you girls are still the best /shy.
Now come back and un-nerdify me.

Miss x2. Long time no meet up and hang out d la...

ps: Uni friends also best ok? /scaredkenawhack.

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