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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Definitely not lazy

The truth is, I did not blog not because I was lazy or because I got nothing to blog but because uni work + socializing (albeit very little) has taken up most of my time the past week that I did not really have time to think about my blog or type something.

I was busy typing for my assignments and occasional chatting with friends that typing a blog post did not appeal to me much. And the cycle will repeat until end of this semester. Why is it that semester 2 is always so crazily busy that I'll be pushing myself to my limit and it often ends with tears until I smack myself crazy for being so upset that I'm so busy. I always ALWAYS always felt like a failure in semester 2. For not able to feel satisfied with myself after finishing something.

There's no time for me to pat myself on the back and say "Good job Ping." It's just "Woi, finish assignment 1 then faster prepare for assignment 2 la, waiting for what? For gold to drop from the sky ar?" Yea, that kinda suck. But I'll be ok. By God's grace, everything will be fine. I knew it, cause it happens so many times that I knew everything will be ok. (But it's ok to be lost a while and drop a tear or two (or a bucket).

Can't wait for CNY because guess who will be back?
Not only these 10 girls (June and Joel, sendiri imagine ok? Who ask you two to not go to Melaka?), I hope I can meet up with Bentengz too!! Fingers cross. =)


Until they are back, I will have to use pictures from the previous holidays and semester break because that's how long since I last took a picture or even bother to dress up to take a picture. Can't wait for our CNY reunion.

Loves, Ping.

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