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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mirror Image

I was in Gurney today and I found out Lin You Jia (Yoga) was coming to Gurney. There was a small crowd in front of the stage (trust me, I've seen bigger crowd for other I thought not-so-famous singers.)

Anyway, I continue with my stuff and sneaked out to catch a glimpse of that Taiwanese singer. I stood there, staring at a bunch of girls lining up to get his autograph. Suddenly, a rush of familiarity hits me hard.

I was one of those girls. One of those girls who will line up, holding a newly bought original album, waiting impatiently to get on the stage and see the artiste. I was one of those girls who will be there half an hour (one hour actually because artiste are always late for half an hour at least) before the singer is scheduled to come, making sure I get to stand in front.

I was one of those girls who will wear the fan club shirt waiting for the singer. I knew people who would insist to be the last to go up the stage. People might not understand, why last? Well, if you can't be first, you be the last. Apparently they can get to see the artiste longer as the workers will not shoo you off the stage so fast since you are the last one.

If you are the first few, you might even get to take a picture with him and be in the newspaper.

I was one of those girls who will follow the artiste till they get to their car. I was one of those girls who knows the people in the crowd since we are in the same fans club. And I was one of those girls, holding my camera and clicking nonstop.

I was one of those girls, but I've grown out of it. *smiles* I did not even bother to take out my phone to capture his picture. I stood there, look at the crowd, smiled, and walked away. I'm no longer one of those girls. (Different story if he is Lin Yu Zhong /screams.)
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