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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wednesday means two more days to Friday

Just when I thought the sem is finally coming to an end, I was reminded that finally doesn't mean it has ended. Three more homework, three or four more test. They must have thought I'm made of iron.

This semester has been a very draining one. I've lots of insecurities, uncertainties and fear for the papers that I'll be sitting for. Let's pray hard that I'll get through this.

Anyway, was on my way back from class this morning and we were stopped by an uncle to fill in a survey form for Manulife. I was shocked when I saw the form because they actually asked our weakness, strength, immediate dream (which was to go back and continue my sleep), my greatest achievement so far and such. It's funny and we had a hard time answering. Who wouldn't?

Scariest, creepiest and weirdest survey form EVER!!!

The moody side of me is out again. I think it's the time of the month though. But then again, I hit the low point for no reason all the time so it could be just one of those days. Toothache, not in the mood to do a thing, I've mastered the art of not lifting my fingers far from keyboard when I'm typing hence this post. Else, I'm too lazy to lift a finger too. In this case, I'm too lazy to lift it high. =( Hellow emo-ping


Mad Maureen said...

Yeah, creepy survey indeed.. Sounds like an interview instead of a survey.. Last night I received sms from them. I don't even know what Manulife is about.. huhu.. maybe will try to google them on the net soon. ;) My immediate dream was to finish up all my assignments.. and it haven't come true.. :(

Mrs Chong said...

hahahaha..if according to ur immediate dream, mine haven't too... =(( Anyway, yea, creepy..I got their message too. Not very good English they've got there. =x

Mad Maureen said...

Yeah. haha.. not very good English indeed.
Let me quote,"Yes, nice 2 know at USM, my name is Billion Eng, I will b the one to communicate with you vie MANULIFE. T.Q. " Note the missing 'you' and the spelling mistake of via.. LOL!

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