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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday's UP

I found a Spanish grammar book which will definitely help me A LOT in my assignment and I'm up again. At first I thought gone case already. Next week I have to hand in my assignment and I've yet to even find a relevant book to use. Now I can finally start doing my assignment.

And suddenly, it didn't feel that bad afterall. =)) I think I can cope with it la. Just need more concentration and determination. Been slacking slacking slacking too much. Something else happened and I'm happy. Which is bad, after all the decisions I've made or forced myself to make. I'm not supposed to feel happy. I'm supposed to feel, normal. Whatever.

Anyway, I'll be recording a play with my friends and guess what character I got? A Sea Monster. OF ALL THINGS, A SEA MONSTER. So totally opposite with my kind, friendly, bubbly, ant also won't kill character (HAHAHAHAHA happily praising myself). But I guess it's a good thing cause then it's more challenging, to be something you are not (too much of entertainment show interview where TVB actors and actresses are interviewed). I'll win the OSEKA award. =P

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