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Friday, October 02, 2009

Waited far too long

for these two darlings I mean- Beautilicious and Escada hamper!!! Worth RM150 each. And I simply loveeeee what I got. After that DKNY perfume I won, this is another prize. Ok la, I won this first but it took me like 6 months or more to get my hands on them =x But the wait was worth it. It was super worth it. I <3

I think this is much better than some hair product because Ping Ping is not a hair person. She is more a make-up and perfume person. If you are wondering, why blogging? Nah, this is one of the great reason why.

Wheee so excited. My box of love.

Retro Kit!!!!!!! There's fake lash in it.

The Liquid Lipstick. <3

Inside of the Retro Kit.

Another box of eyeshadow. Aren't they generous???

Oh, that's the casing for the lipstick.

Escada Parfum. <3

Motivated to continue blogging now (not that I've ever thought of stopped but I was a bit de-motivated already with so many things to do.) YA LA, DE-MOTIVATED ALSO SO MANY POST LA. =P


Mad Maureen said...

Wow, cool prizes!! ;) It was worth the wait.. heheh..

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: oh yea..gonna use them tomorrow although tomorrow im going to bbq and no one in their right mind will put make up.. =P

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