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Friday, October 09, 2009

Fridays are happy days

And today is more happy than the usual Fridays. I got a gift from a friend. A small but very thoughtful gift.

Little Miss Giggles.
I like it a lot. He gave me that because I'm always wearing Little Miss Giggles' shirt in USM. Little did he know it was because I got no money to buy new shirt.

But isn't it thoughtful? I mean for someone to remember you and buy you things without any reason. Just because it reminded him/her of you. I should do that too. I'm sure it'll warm up anyone's heart and cheer them up.

It feels good to be remembered once in a while. To be remembered as someone nice and not as chatterbox or annoying kid who talks too much. And definitely not as a tree named Pong Pong. *roll eyes* Adakah patut they thought of me when they saw a tree named Pong Pong? Happily called it my 'sister' and said that I shouldn't ask how they found out it's a girl. Shy to tell me. Macam-macam la my CF people.


Mad Maureen said...

The keychain is cute!! Hmm, wonder if you start to wear Jap Ape t-shirt frequently from now on, he has to buy a new keychain for you... ;)

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: hahahaha...I HAD THE SAME THOUGHT. so greedy la me. =P

jess~ said...

hey ping2! he got me one too!
but mine is elmo with flowers... :D

Mrs Chong said...

jess: so nice right???? hehehe...why u elmo???u like elmo???

jess~ said...

yea... damn nice la he... =)
haha im ok ok with elmo ny la... i oso dont no why! but it was really really cute!!!
eh eh i got 2 miss giggles tshirt
(cheaponesfrompetalingstreet T_T)!
we should wear together someday! =)

Mrs Chong said...

jess: oh yes we should... =)) why u never wear them????laaa..let me alone wear...we shud all wear them together-gether...i know monica got one little miss one oso but not giggles la...

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