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Saturday, December 06, 2008

What a Bloggiful World

YAY!! I am going to What A Bloggiful World. Although I am not a part of the committee, I am really glad it is happening. I actually had to change my KL plan and skip Genting to go to this gathering!!! Genting can wait.

Come join us at What A Bloggiful World la. Especially if you are a Penang blogger. Penang bloggers rarely have gathering so we must support this one so that there's more after this.

Go register at Roundegg.
Time: 12:00PM
Date: 14th December 2008
Venue: SundayParadise Sandy Beach Resort
Fee: RM10 only!!!
Watch crappy movie also RM10 la.
I'm sure it's gonna be so much fun. I am so excited to camwhore already. See you guys next Sunday!!! =)
Now I am packing my bag to go KL. Going down KL tomorrow morning. I sipek happening. XD


Anonymous said...

i just register my self... see you there ya :)

Mrs Chong said...

Calvyn: I saw u!!! with ur tee... XD

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