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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another day of a boring life

Internet has been really bad lately. I'll have to sign in and out and in and out all the time. Assignment starts pouring in and lecturers are making sure that we are not going to start this semester being all lazy and taking things slowly, one at a time. I guess it's good to start early as I prefer to know my assignments earlier than to have them telling me two three weeks before I am supposed to hand in.

Now I can start doing research on it especially on lazy hot afternoon as it gives me motivation to walk to the library to enjoy the air-cond while studying. Apparently our seniors are not enjoying their semester very much and it is bothering me cause this time next year, I'll be the one complaining about it. And despite how I love to complain, I am not looking forward.

Let's just pray that I'll earn lots of money after I graduate to compensate for the killer papers and assignments okay? XD Most of my classmates are not attending their first SHE class and I don't know if I want to either. (Note: SHE is Hubungan Etnik, bukan the singer thankyouverymuch) I mean it's on Friday 5p.m to 7 p.m. which is really salah since I don't have any classes on Friday. Having my HPW tomorrow is already salah enough since I don't have any classes except for that tomorrow. But I am attending that la. I'll go back at 7.

Anyway, I promise a picture post when I get back home okay? I will have the whole xmas eve night to write it so I think it'll be okay. XD The connection here is terrible la. I can't even have a peaceful chat without getting dc-ed.

A uni student


BTW, it's really hot here. If I were a boy, I would wear my white ahpek singlet with shorts and a straw fan in hand outside on my corridor.


sianG sianG said...

"I will have the whole xmas eve night to write it..." .... what do u mean ?? x'max eve u din go out celebrate with ur frend ??

Mrs Chong said...

soosiang: hehee..the initial plan was sit at home and watch tv..but my friend just called me to go out for dinner.. so i dun have the whole xmas eve night to write afterall. =P