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Monday, December 22, 2008

I need to go shopping, AGAIN

Teacher say I wear like going to beach. Lol, so I have to go buy more collar t-shirts. Sien. Anyway, I've entered 3 classes today and I am more afraid but also more looking forward to my Spanish class. I think it's cool to learn new things but I don't know what he is saying lor.

So blank. I was like staring at him for all the time he speaks not because he is entau but cause he speaks so fast and when everyone goes "oh..." meaning they know what he is saying, I am still "huh?" Hmmm...seems like some kid needs to study more huh? But it'll be fun to take a foreign language la. I never took foreign language before. And Spanish sounds cool.

Besides that, I already got two assignment today and I've already gone running to the library to borrow books!!! Merry Christmas darlings. Yes, assignment starts pouring in already!!!!! Whether you like it or not, work starts and all these little lazy germs should put to rest for the time being already.

Weather in Penang or more specifically FAJAR HARAPAN USM BILIK 312 BLOK PEREMPUAN IS SUPER HOT!!!!!! I can sweat a bucket even in my own room and it's just so hot for the whole day. I sense someone is getting sick with all those cold air-cond and hot weather. It's not cool to be hot for this second and then cold the other. Really inviting trouble and sickness one.

People are fixing out awning or whatever you call them and do you think I should wash my clothes and wash air my dirty linens in public like that? XD I think I am gonna put it in the room first and dry it later at night. XD

And yes, this is a boring life of a uni student. =P Ah Ma in hospital now so pray for Ah Ma okay? She is just weak cause she started a "mogok makan" stunt the other day.


sHaN sHaN said...

haha...sigh... next week would be my sad...

hope ur ah ma will get well soon...

lama tak cakap dgn u d...

aL said...

can u bring me go shopping? a fully sponsored trip? thanks :)

Mrs Chong said...

shanshan: it's ok la..apart from the weather, it's pretty okay. XD I miss u too...Ya la...we did not hang out much or chat much nowadays.

aL: What? U sponsor me? Can. XD

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