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Friday, December 19, 2008

I use cheapskate make-ups

Walao, was looking through my friend's picture and she uses make-ups stuff like eye shadow from Bobbi Brown, lipstick from Chanel *gift from friend* and big brands like that and you know what I uses? Cheap RM10 *promotion item* eyeshadow from Elianto, glitter eyeliner from Sasa, mascara from Maybeline, glitter mascara from Face Shop *expensive XD* and facial powder that mummy buy.

I think all the prices of my make-up stuff add up will be less than one of her Bobbi Brown's eye shadow's price lor. T.T Nevermind. I shall work harder to buy better make-up stuff to pretify myself. PRETIFY!!! HAHAHA. So, you know what to give me for xmas, ny, cny, birthday, farewell, whatsoever la. XD Chanel lipstick satu babeh. Just kidding. I don't use lipstick. XD


Doralin Lee said...

I'll buy you a pair of recycle wooden chopsticks can ah?

U so pretty already still want to make up meh? Then I lagi teruk leh.... Wow! better don't think so much. Hehehehe!

Mrs Chong said...

Anna chichi: I dunno how to use chopstick. T.T I where got pretty? Come we make up for u. XD

weiwei said...

use what also no use lah... cannot save d la... HAHHAHAHHAHA XD

Mrs Chong said...

weiwei: my cousin just say I pretty k??? U think I am u ar??? Everyday must make up. I don't put make up when I go to class k? Natural beauty wtf. U don't stick ur double eye lid la pan....

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