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Friday, December 05, 2008

My holiday plan recap

It does feel....empty to be at home all the time and I know I am so gonna miss this when I get back to uni but for the time being, I am dying to go KL and have fun. I think this is by far the most satisfying holiday although I had like two weeks of boredom cause I enjoyed VBS so much.

Anyway, I'll have to update my holiday plan. =)

17-21 Rot until Win comes back

24-30 Church VBS

1-6 Rot at home again. Will try to get some things done like sorting out my notes

7-13 KL babeh!!! with people I love most apart from my family

Had my itinerary all done. I did it again. Complete with LRT maps, hotel map, where to go and on which day and which LRT/Monorail/KTM whatever shit to take.

14th What a Bloggiful World blogger meet. I will write on that....later... =)

15-21 Back to reality. Register courses and pack bag to go back to USM. T.T

So I somewhat have my days filled up before I move back to USM and stay with those lizards. And I need to get my diet plan or my operasi back up because I think I am gaining weight. I shall look for work to go for my next holiday. Shit man, sitting at home makes me fat.

Anyway, yes, I am going to KL!!!! I am excited. Hop off to pack her bag.

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