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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I think I miss them already.

I was involved in the VBS in my church and was assigned to take care of 10 kids last week. I think I've learnt a lot from this camp together with the kids cause my knowledge about God is somewhat like them. I am still very new and eager to learn more about Him.

It was 5 days of chasing kids, taking care of them, bringing them to toilet (I think this is my major role), dancing with them, playing and singing with these cuties. I do admit that I like some kids better than the other cause they are more easy to handle.

This is our group photo, taken in the Cinema Science. There's only 8 of them cause the other two boys came only on the first day.

I think I am quite notorious especially among my family members for having the lowest patience level and I CANNOT tolerate kids who are whiny or do not listen to me. I would have lost patience and avoid them and even detest them but surprisingly it did not happen this time. I do favour one kid over another but overall I am okay with them. I would run away from kids who are crying but I actually pacify them this time. That BIG MAN up there is working hard huh?

The kids and I. They are really sweet bunch of kids. I guess I am learning to like it when they call me Teacher. XD

Naughty but cute. She is very pretty. I like to look at her because she is a gorgeous little girl. Often cries but she is easy to pacify. =)

The same girl above. Isn't she a beauty?

AND MY FAVOURITE KID! The one I am hugging. OMG, the cutest thing ever. She is very cute when she talks. And her mummy always tie her hair so nicely. Very obedient, friendly, cute. I don't usually like kids but I love her.

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