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Thursday, December 18, 2008

My daily activities

I know, so boring right? Read on, it gets boring-er.

What I do daily is just cooking breakfast for granny, make my own shakes, online, eat lunch and cook for granny, online, dinner, online, fold clothes, online, sleep.

T.T I think I have enough rest already kua. I really hate the feeling of going back to USM hostel but I guess it won't be THAT bad kua. I guess I very "hong sim" la. Every time I want to go back hostel I will think how much fun my sisters are having without me.

But then when I am around, they never do anything lor. Only when I have to go back, they'll go shopping la, bake bread la, make this la and that la. Saja tau. Benci only. I really should start packing some necessities to bring back. I need some stuff to survive through my first week ma. Maybe 3 days only. But I don't know if my class on Friday is still on. Never mind.

Although my time table for next sem is really nothing to be happy of, I am glad I managed to survive 1st sem. I must survive 6 sems and get that blardy Degree!! Cannot "pak pak hei sang" my 13 years of education okay? Eh mine already 18 years. I started kindy at 2. XD

Will post about DFC's 3rd Anniversary and KL trip once I got all the pictures. Don't ask me when. XD

Nah show you our 10 continuous pictures first. XD First few is taken properly only cause we either cannot tahan and laughed or someone is staring at us and we shy. XD

This one we laughed cause someone from another table was looking at us through my camera screen and was laughing. Adakah patut??? So we had to stop la. Paiseh k??

This is taken at KLCC mia park. We couldn't tahan and laughed too cause we were at the park okay? With so many people staring at 4 girls with colourful umbrella. Why we do things like this?? T.T


reddaisie said...

coz when u are at home we can play with u ma..then when u not around we got bored then we do other things la..not taht we purposely wanna abandon u

Mrs Chong said...

NO wor...when I am at home, no one layan me now, I wanna go simpan baju d.. T.T