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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Never say anything you are not sure of

I said I won't be celebrating Christmas eve and will be onlining sambil watch tv that night. Mana tau I came back only at 2am. I slept till 9am and then I go church. Then I go QB till 7 and then go dinner till 10. T.T So tired can die.

Eyes cannot open already. But luckily tomorrow only my mum will send me back to attend SHE. Benci SHE la. Salah timing betui. Anyway, since I have not wished anyone,


We were at Gurney last night and we stood SOOOOO far from the crowd cause we are afraid of the snow spray. Warga emas like us no longer enjoy getting sprayed at or spend stupid amount of money (any amount of money on snow spray is stupid) to spray other people. I rather use that money to buy clothes or donate to people. Crap, use it on expensive sushi also better than spray it on people you don't know. I MEAN WHY SPEND ON PEOPLE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW?

I have grown up. =)) I have pictures but will only update tomorrow morning cause I is very tired.


Simon Loh said...

haha.. merry Christmas to you too ping.. heard ur uni starts class d rite?
enjoy o.. hehe

m3gd@|yn said...

chehh.. penipu!

Mrs Chong said...

simon: kam xia and no, tarak enjoy. T.T

meg: Apalah...heheheehe...saja nak kacau tau... XD