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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My new blog header

After using my previous header for half a year, I've decided to start my new semester in USM with a new header. =)

These pictures really speak about my blog la.

Well, first of all, it has my face right? Camwhore me.

Then Danell is the representative of me chasing artiste.

The pic with me and Diana is of me and my friends (for this matter, friend. This is the only acceptable picture. =( ).

And the one with the stove means makan lor.

The one with gold Christmas deco is of me doing weird stuff.

As for the middle one, that's how I look like when I am demotivated to blog but feel that I have to blog. XD

ps: Tell me if you like it. =P


Diana said...

im in there! lol ping i know you got secret crush on me. hohoho, no wonder you always wana raba me

Mrs Chong said...

diana: HAHAHA..very funny... XD

sHaN sHaN said...

dun wan tell can ar...tak ada my pic also..xD

Simon Seow said...

Not bad. Launching a new header too on my blog 1st year anniversary.

Mrs Chong said...

shanshan: mou kam siu hei la..we take nice pic then next sem i put u... XD

simon: thanks...u too?? I go see... XD

sHaN sHaN said...

haha...where go so small gas eh...
is nice...xD

saw mine??? hehe...

Mrs Chong said...

shanshan: I saw my face..U LOVE ME!!!! Though mine doesn't have your face, I love u too.. =P