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Thursday, December 04, 2008

NO!! You cannot download that!!!

Haih, macam-macam la the things people search for now.

Adakah patut they find EmoShan to download??? Free some more. You know what/who is Emoshan???

She is Emoshan. Back in Form6, she was always emo emo and I called her EmoShan so no, you cannot download her. Not even if you pay and certainly not free.

I hope no one wants to download Chicken Win. XD
ps: The search picture too small already. I don't know how to make it big. Anyway, you can click on it to read. It says "emoshan to download free".

1 comment:

3w3yaN said...

AHaha..nowadays apa-apa pun'll nvr know..ahaha

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