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Friday, December 26, 2008

Hostel picture post

I have to put picture post because I feel my blog damn boring with all words. So what should I post first? I think I will start with pictures of where I stay. My room and such. And if you are some overseas student, you'll be so glad you studied overseas. T.T

This is my table. If you can see a paper on top of my cup, it's because I forgot to bring the cover. =P

This is my dustbin. HAHA, I got none so I uses plastic bag only. I hang them beside my table and so I can throw rubbish easily into my 'bin'.

My messy table with my laptop. Damn lots of stuff on my table I know. =P

Our corridor. Toilet is nowhere in sight cause it's VERY FAR. No la, according to Win, it's very far. XD

Nah...more picture of our corridor. My room is just like the ones opposite. Buka pintu is our room already.

And finally. Our Tasik Harapan!!! =)


weiwei said...

the tasik looks so much better here! one day we go jog k. heard can sewa bicycle thr wtf. u know how to ride? wtf

Mrs Chong said...

weiwei: unfortunately no...hahahhahaa...and I dowan jog biawak one... T.T I take one..sure look nice la...i use the framing technique. Lol

Diana said...

the tasik got draco also!

Mrs Chong said...

diana: ya...huge draco...but i haven't seen one yet..cuz i sked of biawak..dare not go close

Simon Loh said...

Tasik harapan.. haha
guess it'll brings lotsa hope to you.. when u need one ^^

Mrs Chong said...

Simon: it is called tasik harapan just because it's at my hostel there. My hostel's name is Fajar Harapan. Lol. No la, hot like mad on sunny day. Tak ada harapan langsung.

aL said...

oh! you can see Tasik Harapan... means still got harapan! haha.

Kikey Loo said...

which uni u studying??
i studied at UUM, ur hostel just like ours lah.. hehe.. :)

Mrs Chong said...

aL: when bugs fly into your room, you what harapan also dowan. =P

kikey: I am studying in USM. That's why overseas one should be happy lol. Ours like low cost flat. XD