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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Funny encounters...

have u ever been so blur that u recognize wrong people or car??well,my fren and i certainly had our fair share of being blur...we r really blur sotongs and we make a fool out of ourselves a lot for the past 19 years...let's juz make it 18 + years.. =)

case #1
Two girls started packing their stuff cuz it's almost 6 and their mother were coming soon. Girl A started saying that her mum is rushing to fetch her dad and she hope her mum is not outside waiting for her or she will get scolding. Girl B walked selamba-ly as her mum is supposed to b there at 6 and it's only 5.50pm. Then they were talking happily when they saw Girl B's mum waving to them. Girl A started running towards girl B's mum. Girl B was puzzled and quickly ask girl A, "Wait! Is that ur mum or mine?" Girl A realized what a stupid mistake she made and stopped running. Girl B started laughing and girl A was super malu. She was so worried her mum would b waiting that she mistakenly thought her mum has arrived.

case #2
Girl W was rushing from tuition cause she saw her mum's car. Or at least she thought it was. She ran so quickly towards the car and open the door as soon as she land her hand on the door. Then she saw a guy in the driver's seat. She puzzled and closed the door to have a look at the number plate. Oops,it's not her mum's. The guy was speechless and no doubt,shocked.

case #3
Girl S was walking in a shopping mall with her mum. She was holding her mum's hand tightly and then she let go to wander off. Then she walked back to find her mum and wanted to hold her mum's hand again. So she reached out her hand and hold on. She walked for a while before turning her head to see that she was holding an indian lady who is obviously not her mum. I guess that lady was puzzled too. She is super duper sotong queen.

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