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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


The feeling of guilty and sadness is eating me up.. After reading Wan Mei's post on being miserable, i realize how i would feel if i were in ah seng ko's shoe.. I will certainly cry or lepaskan geram. There he was,entering our class every single lesson, teaching us,writing until 5 blackboard oso full (and made me padam lots of papan..),talking to humans who are like walls,listening to the students chattering while he is teaching(some even sings).. I know if I were to be the teacher, I would bring them to the HM or just punish them. I wont let my student do that to me. Probably he has given up on us. The way he act is like Mr. Tan.. Entau Tan oso alwiz diam diam alone teaching although his students were sleeping in class. He come in,he teach,he leaves the class. He never scold any of the students. Sometimes, I wonder, is it that we are so hopeless,they dun even care.. Or is it just their way of teaching. I choose to believe the former.

They will smile if u listen to them and ask them questions.. Even if u were seen talking or sleeping in their class the previous week. They also never fails to enter ur class, hoping that one day,we would do the work he give. They appreciate it when you listen to their lesson and choose to focus on students who listens when u r not. It hurts me so much to see them standing there talking but no one even care. Probably those gang thinks that they have acc background and they are so damn smart,they can get As even if they dun enter class.. If that's the case,then fine,leave our class. Dun come in and make others cant study. I do admit that i spend my time doing homework or completing my kitab accounts when i am in his class. Since now my kitab account has completed, I shall now swear here with no fingers cross or watsoever that i will try my very best to listen to him in class and respond to him.

Besides that, I really hope someone can talk to those who never respect our sir and this lady who never seems to understand her job to behave. I not sure if u guys noe which young lady is this but she never do her job and she let teachers walking out of the class without wishing. I seriously think we need to have a meeting or something to get things straight. I hate to say this but i hate those who made ah seng miserable. One day, u will noe how it feels. When everyone ignores you and u r there,talking alone,doing ur miserable job.

till then, bentengs,let's promise to let ah seng ko have a wonderful 2007... =)

_____________________________________________________________ sis tot my mum is a theif last so hilarious..armed with a broom and some lousy looking stick,my sis hid in the room and asked me to keep quiet cuz she hears noises outside..i juz continue to sleep cuz it was 3am for god's din hentam my mum's head...

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