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Friday, January 12, 2007

Driving #4 (Pretest)

la la right after school i had to run to my mum's car and got home at 2pm..mandi n makan then ah tan called and i went down..fetch another girl and off we go to batu maung...reach there,ah tan ask me to i go naik bukit which i failed miserably cuz i was so tired,i forgot everything...the girl beside me helped and i managed to got through it,did one set then let the girl drive...

teman her a while b4 ah tan get me another car for my pretest which lasted only car 14 and went to drive it...not went to naik bukit...naik naik the bukit,i kenot feel the car lambung,so i tried many times..then i leave lots of clutch and stepped a lot on the minyak..the car not one instructor kinda rudely scold me and say sure can one..but i say i cant feel the car to noe when to release the handbrake?so he came,he taught me and true enuf..the car kenot move...i took my whole leg up,i stepped on the minyak till habis oso the car kenot move...then the instructor say oh..clutch something wrong...luckily not

so they got me another number 15...i drove the car...not bad..go naik bukit (tak tau mati one)...naik..a while lambung,minyak turun..cantik..but din masuk the yellow box which was sad but at least pass lar..then go parking,3 point turning all by myself... *music fills the air* *started singing* "All by myself....Dun wanna be...All by myself...anymore..." lol...
all done,parking la driving when itz like tht...feel like driving go-kart or daytona more ganas...then the instructor called me..."miss miss,sini parking..." so i drove to park then i got down,kunci all d...i walked to my la..i'm done..

then i had to go back with boss son in unser...i sit behind...kinda tht chinese guy so good er...there got 4 air-cond,he make one for him,one for me...super sejuk u noe???i noe u r being kind i forgive he is fair fair n kinda cute...lolx...but i tink he is younger...i bang my head on the atap twice..short ppl like me oso kena bang..apatah lagi TALL ppl like u talking bout driving...oh yea..met my classmate there..she next week test d...gan cheong


weiwei said...

wey! since when ur name is pumpkin? haha

Mrs Chong said...

fren kasi like it mar...i am oso ahbu ch'ng...and abu siti lane..lots of name lar i =)

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