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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ghost in U6V1??

Last Monday, win, yl, wy and I decided to stay back in class to do our homework *konon* (but i finished the maths work =D). At about 4.30, yl and I had to go bcuz we need to settle some Mahsuri things and of course, our own stuff. So we left the class with wy and win in class. Around 4.45, wy came to join us and that leaves win in the class alone.. She sat there until 5.30 pm before she left as her mum came to fetch her at that time..

Nothing happened.. The next day, our English teacher came in and asked who stayed back? So I told her some of us stayed back till 4.45pm. She said no, after 5. Win was afraid that the teacher will scold cuz apparently, we are not suppose to stay in class before and after school so as to save electricity which was a little dumb in my opinion. Anyhow, our teacher said someone said they heard someone sang Il Divo's song in our class at 5something. That is weird bcuz according to win,no one was there except for her and she din hear anyone singing. So we kinda freaked out and thus we decided not to stay in the class alone the following day.

Today, I decided to confront the teacher to get the exact news from her. And suddenly, she said something like no, I did not say someone was singing. That was scary because all of us heard her. We are all freaked out. I told her that win stayed back and she say why didn't we tell her? I explain to her that we are not suppose to stay in class and she said that there is no one singing.

It's just that her friend came to fetch the daughter but realize that the meeting room beside our class was locked.Then her friend saw someone wearing uniform in our class and decided to ask her wat was she doing and why was she there. That girl told her that she stayed back and doing her work and the people from maths club left already. She was just trying to find out if her friend really saw a girl or something else as she thought no one would stay in class since it is kinda deserted already.

And yes, if you have read this post properly,you probably know who that girl is. She is none other than our win. =) Win didn't expect this two things have connection and therefore did not tell us about it. Still, better be safe than sorry. =)

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