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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tagged By Ah Wei

hmm..Ah Wei wanna know 5 things bout me that she dun let's see...
1. more than 50% of my MSN list are people I don't know. I don't even talk to them and they don't talk to me. And I do ignore some of them because their nick and their email shows that they are just 13 or 14 and I don't like to layan ppl with lots of questions that I don't like to answer. =) i am evil, i noe..

2. I laugh when I am sleeping esp after I had a crazy night with my sisters. This is what happened when everyone is asleep including me. My mum told me that I would sit up and start laughing the go back to bed again..freaky huh? So beware if u r spending the night with me. Dun worry,no toyol or anak hantu in the process.. =)

3. I am afraid to talk in front of many many ppl. Though u alwiz see me talking non-stop,laughing and has lots of things to say,but this thing dun happen when I am all alone in front of many many ppl,talking bout serious stuff.. Wait, is it my fear for crowds or is it becuz i just can't talk serious stuff? lol..

4. I do quiet down. This happens when I am either moody or dun feel like talking. This rarely happens in public becuz I am usually chirpy when I see my friends. It happens more at home lar. I am very notty at home and alwiz moody. At this time, my sis gets to call me

and lastly,

Lucky number 5
I can cook! Seriously.. although I cant cook as well as my grandma and sis and mum, i do cook. I enjoy baking with my second sis, I enjoy cooking dinner and screw everything up but i dislike washing. Cooking is the only chore i like but i rarely have the chance to do it.

ps: ah wei,besides this 5,i also missed the old times we had bcuz ever since u left,no one let me copy their Kajian Tempatan exam answer anymore. =)

that's all for now... =) i am not a secretive person,so it took me quite a while to think of wat ppl dunno bout if u know bout these 5 already,then dun bocor my rahsia ok?just act like u dun know and do the oh-my-gawd-is-this-true punya expression ok? =)


weiwei said...

omg is this true??????????? =o

ahaha.. yea.. ever since i left, no one teman me get scolded as prefects d.. haha.. btw, i still remember u got a tupperware printed with "i love jesus?'( or something got to do with christianity) on the cover. hehe.

Mrs Chong said...

i did?lol..i cant remember it myself..i only eating lime ice-cream with salt..that is if u still around lar..if not u wont noe =)

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