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Friday, January 19, 2007

Grandmother's Story...

lol..itz really bout my grandma lar....keke...

one day,my aunt brought my grandma go indian market*keh leng ngah ban san-in hokkien*...then my aunt stopped at the roadside to fetch my grandma since she cant walk to the car..old d..kenot walk my aunt asked her to masuk quickly cuz behind ppl waiting d...then ppl started my grandma slammed the door shut...and she summore go tengok the flowers okay???then my aunt tot she masuk kereta she drove off ah ma stand there looking blur and aunt talked to her all the way back but of course,nobody aunt tot she was angry or something and continued aunt has this habit of not using the mirror..most of my family members have the same habit..they juz drive and ignore everyone around them..and start cursing when things got a lil out of control..lolx..i not yet drive,so i am stil yea..when she reached home,she realized that she din fetch my grandma!!!! in the end,my grandma took a cab home...wat a scary way to lose a grandma... =) so love ur grandma and double check b4 u drive away... =) and if someone is not replying u,try to turn around to have a look when u r at the traffic light or something... =)

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Old Beng said...

Ha ha ha, this is funny!!!

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