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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hotel Stays

Is it just penangites or is it just my family?
We love to go hotel stays ever since i was a small little girl.
We would either rent a room or get a free room from whoever that has membership with
certain hotel. It has been a favourite weekends programme for my family for many years now.
We would bring our swimming suit,pelampung(float),clothes and other neccessities on saturday and check into hotel for the day.We would buy food like mee goreng(super sedap according to my aunt and family), pasembur,pisang goreng and other finger food before we go to the hotel.Then we would go swimming,walking at the beach and just pamper ourselves with astro,air cond and nicely made bed. My mum,my grandma and my aunt love this kind of lifestyle and therefore,throughout my 19 years of living,i've been to lots of hotels in Penang and i been there many many times...I am not promoting the hotels but seriously,i shall list down which hotel i've stayed before...

1. Paradise *stayed there a few times*
2. Leisure Bay *itz an apartment*
3. Leisure Cove *itz an apartment*
4. Marvista *apartment also*
5. Sri Sayang
6. Golden Sand
7. Shangri-La
8. Park Royal
9. The Lone Pine
10. Holiday Inn
11. Bayview Beach
12. Casuarina *the bungalow*
13. Bayu Emas

list to be updated cuz i cant remember where else we stayed..

imagine,we been to all those 13 hotels/apartment which is not mine and i've stepped into the room of the Mutiara Hotel's room has been part of our life and our living that we dun find it weird or funny to travel all the way there just for the night. We would go shopping at the batu ferringhi,go fishing,go makan-makan there and just stay there for the night. The next morning,our mum and grandma would get to pamper themselves with complementary buffet and bring some back for us. Lol..then we would swim and go to the beach the last time b4 we go town for lunch..that's my family,my tradition and our style... =)

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