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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bye 2006 Hello 2007

many ppl might think i would b out there having fun with frenz for new year eve but sad to say,i am not...

1st is bcuz most of my frenz got bf and they would b at somewhere else with their bf rather than spending time with bf-less freak like me...Some without bf cant come while some going out with family..Some hanging out with new frenz and that leaves me and a few more without any i might have to get to my back up plan which is to go momo aka clubbing with my sis and i dun like clubbing..u noe i hate smoke and i hate alcohols..but i guess it would b fun being around ppl i know better than being around my frenz and their other halves that i barely know...i miss hanging out with them but i dun wanna b there and celebrating it alone when everyone has another half in their makes me look and feel pathetic,stupid and lonely and i hate that feeling..imagine when the fireworks fills the air and everyone are hugging with their bf,itz kinda er not so good to stand there and stare at them rite?so i might as well hang out with another bunch who dun hv i am going with my sisters to momo and i hope its nicer than being in gurney looking at ppl i noe,hanging out with them and spraying them...

i shud go make jelly now bcuz itz for tml's family party and i am in charge(of jelly only)...back to blogging later... =) my sis is looking for one cup=how many ml(for the jelly) i can add more into my

2006- i missed emmoes,i missed the celebration of the beginning of 2006,i missed lots of shopping,i missed the redbox party...i miss the NS thingie celebration...i had fun,i met new frenz but none can replace the old ones,i learn new stuff,things past and i got over it,i am a happy girl once again,i learn to forgive and forget..well i forgive but not forget...i get new hp,i get new stuff a lot,i felt the love from my family that i once tot i never had it,i am a new girl once again... =)

2007-looking forward for bday parties,group study,and enjoy my last year of high school year...hoping that emmoes will not drift apart juz bcuz of their bfs and hope that our frenship is stronger than that..we have to show the others who think that we will go on seperate ways after form5 is wrong... =( but i feel that these ppl r right somehow...juz b a new person who studies and play at the same time..a person who can handle stress well and actually know how to divide my time...i need to learn to live without sux to b alone on these occasions but i need to learn that..bcuz i might b alone for a long long time...let's say cheers to 2007... =) me love me family and frenz....muax to all of u...

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