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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Awesomest friends on earth

If a married woman is blessed to have a doting and loving husband, then a single girl like me is blessed to have so many awesome girl friends and family members.

True friends are those you know you do not really have to control yourself or pretend to be someone you are not because they know who you really are. Not only do they know, they accept you for who you are.

Thanks for the awesomest time I had this CNY break with few different groups of girl friends but all as awesome as the other. No, not awesomer. Cause you girls are all AWESOMEST. =P

I miss you girls. I wish I'm back in SGGS, walking into class, sleepily, grumpily but when I see you girls, my face lit up. On days like this, I don't care if I don't have a boyfriend because I'm so filled with your love, I could barely fit another person's. Ok la, self-consoling HAHAHA.

But still. Love you girls to the brim!!!!

Thanks for being the awesomest ever!!!!

ps: Uni friends are awesome too ok? Just that, I'm bored of uploading the same ol' Family Camp picture. =)


reddaisie said...

*hint hint*
To guys out there who are eyeing my lil sis...
she has space for a bf now...
so better spring into action!!!

hiak hiak hiak

Wilson Khor Woo Han (Seymour Nightweaver) said...

at least put my pic mah~! xD (muka S.S. yang lame)

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