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Friday, February 19, 2010

CNY 2010

It felt like yesterday when I was a small kid, loving CNY and being all excited for it. Now, as I grow older and as I changed and mature *although some would deny this*, CNY is no longer that exciting and fun. The fun only lasted for 1.5 days. And I almost finish using the ang pow money already. Don't tell me that I have to keep it till the next year or what. I did that two years ago and all my ang pow was stolen nicely. T_T

Basically CNY is about eating, taking pictures and mingling with cousins and friends. I did all that. Just that it lasted for 1.5 days only.

Monkey's house. He has this newly built attic so we all went to his place for some games. Learnt mahjong like so awesome.

Dengan penuh keobviousan, we posed for the camera.

Then took some goofy pictures with cousins.

And got a little serious.

With the bfs and kids.

Family potrait!!!

After all the camwhoring, we went to Monkey's attic to play some Wii.

We did some exercise like playing tenis.

And golf.

Super love his attic cause can camwhore to the max!!

Uncle's house. Went there, eat, got chased around by Georgie - the dog, take some pictures then left. I don't have the picture. =s

Went out with the girls. <3 Everyone looked so good now and just love!!!! Hee

Buying cake for Su Ling, our baby heee.

Yum yum

Nice hat. =P

Ah Win says look like bunny. WHERE GOT? T_T

Ze girls. <3 muchie muchie.

Went Sunset Bistro after that and then to Bird Shit for supper.

Love going out with them cause they are the funnest and camwhorest and sweetest and most lovable girls ever!!!!

Lou Sang with Pao, her friends and Win.

Flawless skin. Blackcurrant is like ze best. =P

While waiting

Pao and I

Lou Yee Sang at Sushi King

Lou ahhh...

Today going out with Bentengs. Can't wait. Assignment all didn't do, lagi can't wait. T_T

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3w3yaN said... was the yee sang in sushi king ? nice ? if nice, i gonna go try it..ahaha

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