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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mad angry

1. PMS - sucks
2. Mountain high assignments - can die
3. Hot weather - can die two times.
4. Ants and bugs - can die three times.
5. Late nights - wrinkles' best friend.

I hope my sir is not lying when he say he lost weight cause weather in Malaysia is mad hot and he sweat a lot cause right now, USM, Penang, Fajar Harapan, girl's block is mad hot it's like FOC sauna. And I just came back today. T_T If I'm gonna suffer under this hot weather, I should at least get the consolation prize and lose some weight, no? Sigh, Ping Ping and her attempt to stay positive.

On the bright side, all these (1-5) will one day pass and Ping Ping will still be Ping Ping. =) *until someone starts changing her into pong, pingpong, pongpong and any other name they think it's ohsocute.* /glares.

Attempt #1 to stay positive, SUCCESS!

The nerd.

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