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Friday, February 05, 2010

I just chat with my eldest sister for more than 10 minutes and thought she's my second sister-she was using my second sis's MSN. Of course I did not hear the voice, I just saw what she typed but usually I will know it if it's my eldest sister.

I should have known when she say

Che: Eh, I heard Charlie is scared of Shirley. Try putting Shirley's picture, then maybe Charlie won't disturb you anymore.

HAHAHAHHAHA Charlie is my dad, Shirley is my mum. Coincidently, the bug that I am terrified of is nicknamed Charlie too.

I should have known it's my eldest sis when she say I am like pengemis. My second sister usually won't say things like this.

Before she said goodbye, she say, ok, I'm getting out of this smelly room to go back to my princess room.

Yes, unfortunately, my second sis and I sleep in 'smelly room' while mummy and eldest sis sleep in princess room. IN YOUR FACE THOSE WHO SAID I'M PAMPERED. I did not get princess room or a big wardrobe ok? I get smelly room with a falling apart cupboard. T_T Poor cupboard, cost quite a lot of pain on my sis wallet but still doing a lousy job.

Teehee, before my sis offline, I told her, "Wheee, Saturday shopping. Make sure enough cash okay? I want to buy 3 shoes." Teehee. I'm going home tomorrow. =)


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