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Monday, February 08, 2010

Charlie got me. AGAIN.

Sigh, after an enjoyable weekend, I realized Mr. Charlie, not my dad, got me again. =( Itch itch itch. Wasted my one hour at the clinic today.

Let's not talk about sad stuff, let's talk about...SHOPPING!!!!It has been almost half a year since I last shopped for shoes. I am so happy I got 3 pairs of very much needed *looks at my old pecah shoe* shoes. Seriously, any girls who hang out with me knows how badly 'injured' my shoes are. Hehe.

Not to mention we spent quite a lot at the Parkson sales on Friday. Worth it because we did not buy those things we don't need. Bought neccessities. =P But then, it did shred my sister's pocket. Poor girl, face use such good products, what to do?

6 days to CNY!!! Can't wait. Need to go back and clean room love love. Lots of work to do during the break but still, holiday is love. =)


Wheee sunglass

Love love love the lighting. So fair. Happy.

ps: Camwhorer is back. Camwhore in toilet and camwhore in the car shamelessly, that's the key. =) *waves*

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