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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A girl can always dream right?

Right now, to be like Jen is my dream. Not as in be as pretty and tall and thin la. That's Mission CONFIRM Impossible already.

Ok, my dream is like Mission Most Probably Impossible. Better than confirm impossible la, there's still a teeny wheeny hope.

To be like Jen, I need :-
1. A boyfriend (level of difficulty - 10)
2. A boyfriend who is nice to my friends (level of difficulty *if ignored the difficulty of getting a bf* - 4 cause my friends are all so lovable)
3. A boyfriend who'll make me a freaking photo album of memory (level of difficulty *ignoring the difficulty of getting a bf in the first place* - 1000000000000000)

*initially, the maximum of level is 10, but #3 is so hard, I need to add some zeros to it. I think I pressed on the keyboard a lil too hard /shy.

Mission Most Probably Impossible. I give money also no one wants to do. T_T Oh wells, Ping Ping is too busy for all these petty matters /act cool. I've got more important matters to attend to, like my assignments.

Green Eye Monster.

ps: can't find a picture that shows my green eye clearly. Just pretend it's green. It IS green, you just can't see it.


Jen said...

dear ping! one day,u will find a guy that love you as much as you love him!! :D

Mrs Chong said...

awwww....our jen jen says something like rare...ehhehe..usually our jen jen will say, cin cai la...hehehehe..'pheng tit la'... =P thank u jen. =P so, u gonna teach my future bf FOC?heheehe..we talk heart no talk gold one..

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