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Saturday, October 14, 2006

I Went To Cameron Highlands. heard me right. I went to Cameron Highlands although I am having examination. Well at least it feels like it. Juz that this Cameron I went to is not cold, with no fresh air, no strawberries, no tea farm, no ice-pops, no yummy steamboat, no strawberry farm, no flower farm, no farms ( maybe some pathetic looking grass here and there), no pluck-all-the-tea-leaves-as-u-like activities, no lovely houses and beautiful fields, no mist and it is nothing like the one in the picture.

What kind of Cameron Highland is this huh???as I've said, at least it feels like it. So, I guess u probably know that I did not go to Cameron (I am still sane.) This is how Penang looks like after being attacked by haze. And trust me, those are not mist. How good if they are. I can't breathe now. Haze is back!!!

below are the pictures taken from my house.

1 comment:

Old Beng said...

We get it in Singapore too. The %&@#~%€ haze from Indonesia. Let´s hope this nightmare will be gone soon.

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