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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shan brought us to Roti Bakar Arang

The title said it all. It started with me asking Shan if she knows there's a shop in town selling bread that is toasted with charcoal. She went home ask daddy and ajak-ed us for a breakfast trip. So off we went.

The three girls who left home slightly after 10.30 a.m. just for bread at the top right picture. It is actually at a small lane somewhere alone Kampung Malabar. In between coffee shops.

They really uses charcoal to toast the bread. The top part they boil water for coffee and other beverages while the bottom part they toast the bread. There's three types of bread, normal, coffee and chocolate. On our trip, the coffee one finished. So we had two normals and one chocolate.

Yums, and three sets of eggs. Win had a packet of nasi lemak as well. Her favourite food in the world.
The two girls enjoying their food. No picture of me eating because I was the cameragirl. I think the bread was alright. I heard their coffee is good. I love the company with me that day though.

Just one picture of me and Shan. What's the chinese word behind ar?
After eating our breakfast, we went to Gurney again for the N times that week. I was actually supposed to find stuff to wear for the Standout Party but to no avail. So we went Kim Gary for lunch.
We are busy women. All busy with handphones.

Ordered these yummies. Ate in a rush because Shan's brother is waiting for us in TARC. T___T Why is it that when Win and I are around, we are always late for something?

Mandatory shots with the drinks. Don't ask me why.

One more to end this post. Sigh, she's back in Sabah already. Will only see her in Nov/Dec.


3w3yaN said...

wow..nice coffee and roti bakar..I love dat kopi "o"...Lim Guan Eng been there b4..ahaha..

Mrs Chong said...

eweyan: u tried the coffee before???I did not try the coffee because I'm not a coffee person...LGE go there too??? Wow, must be damn famous then...

3w3yaN said...

ahaha...yup..i tried da kopi "o" b4..very very super duper nice..very pekat..i love da kopi..ahaha..yup..LGE oso went there..very famous 1

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