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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Diana brought us to Bowling + Pasar Malam

One of our favourite sport is bowling. OK FINE! Other than shopping, it's the only sport I do with them. So few weeks ago, we decided that we should go for bowling at least once before Swee Win flies back to Sabah. So off we went to One-Stop (Midlands Park Mall).

Tell you what, don't bother, Penang is so lousy now that it is closed already la. No more bowling in 1-stop. Don't go, waste parking money only. Damn angry. We climbed so many floors up okay? Just to be greeted with this.
I don't believe that they close for renovation. No business in 1-stop also.

We refused to give up and went to Penang Bowl instead. It's full. It's freaking full on a Wednesday. So we waited. And ordered food while waiting. T___T But before the food arrives, our lane is ready.

We changed our shoes and WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE UNCLE? PEOPLE WANT 7 GIVE LA 7. Gave me 6 then I cannot tahan cause leg pain. So I went and change to 7 again. Ma fan only.
Before we even get to start the game, the food arrived. Talk about bad timing. Sigh. We ordered English Muffin, Toast (mine) and 3 sets of Tom Yam (the other three girls). If you are wondering, the Tom Yam taste much better already. I think when we were in Form 6, we went, spicy till every mouth we put in, we'll choke okay?
Whee haaa...showing our skills. Actually that day no skills. Bowled quite badly but couldn't care less because I suck like that. Finished the game with a few cuci longkang, and brought back a sad result of 50++. Who says the president of Bowling Club has to be able to bowl??? We are presidents to do shit work okay?
Camwhored a little while waiting for them to finish up their food. Adiks, makan cepat sikit.

Then went out and decided to take moreeee photos with the sea. There's one picture where Yi Lin is cut out. Bottom, second picture. Sorry Yi Lin.

Then we took some silly/nonsense face picture. I miss them already. T__T After much camwhoring, we proceeded to the Pasar Malam where we had a food war la. Bought so much, our family thought it's our first visit to the night market.
Feasting on more food that eventually, we gave up. Rule of the thumb, DO NOT BUY SO MUCH FOOD, CAN DIE.

To end this post, nah, a picture of that three girls. Yi Lin laughing for I forgot what reason, Swee Win showing her waiting-for-yong-tau-foo face. So fierce. And also Diana and her hp.
ps: It has been quite some time since I last got any Nuffnang ads. I wonder what happened.

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