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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Love your beaches

I was browsing my blog and the nuffnang page yesterday and I saw this contest by DiGi. I've been a DiGi user since the first day I got my handphone. In fact, my whole family is in DiGi and I decided that I should join this contest.

I guess it's really time to speak up. I've always thought Malaysian students as compared to international ones are more reserved and we seldom contribute ideas in class. In my opinion, less talk, less scoldings. So I prefer to keep my thoughts to myself most of the time.

Since DiGi encouraged me to speak my mind, I shall speak!!!!

Last year, during Pao's birthday, we went to Pangkor Island. The beaches was MUCH cleaner than the ones we have in Penang although really, it's not exactly the cleanest beach I've seen. Then it struck me that we are exploiting God's creation and also our treasure.

Because Malaysia is a hot country, I'm sure many tourist would love to come and be able to enjoy the beaches here but with so many rubbish, we might have chased away potential tourist. It also showed how uncivilised we are to throw bottles, oranges *15 meh*, whatever plastic into the seas or on the beaches instead of the dustbin.

Get it right my friends, things like crabs, fishes, corals, belongs to the sea, rubbish belongs to the dustbin!!!


azizwan(dot)com said...

awesome speak up.. wish u good luck o.O

Mrs Chong said...

azizwan: oh thanks... =))

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