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Monday, June 08, 2009

During facial just now

I was doing facial at home because there's too many break-outs on my face and I was too bored.

I was reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and felt drowsy so I rested my eyes.
Minutes later,

Pao Pao : Oi, wake up. Your facial so long already. How long you are supposed to leave it on your face?

Ping Ping : @.@ Huh? *still sleepy*. 15 minutes lor. What?? I just closed my eyes a while la. The song is still the same what?! (Alvin the Chipmunk was singing his lungs out)

Pao Pao : Is it? Very long already la.

Ping Ping : When I started, I was listening to Angela Zhang's song. How long has it been?

Pao Pao: One, two, three, four songs already. Oops, sorry, the Alvin's song repeated la. Already 13 minutes, I think can already.

Ping Ping: WHAT LA~~

Sigh, song repeated. Luckily she woke me up. If not I wake up tomorrow morning with ruined face already. Then I really need plastic surgery already. But it really felt like it was just a short while.

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