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Monday, June 22, 2009

Weird Dreams

Dreams as in sleep and dream and not the impian.

Anyway, been having lots of weird dreams lately and it's not helping especially when I need all the brain juice I have to do something I really want to but has no inspiration.

Dream 1
I saw lots of lizards on the floor and shouted to my sister, Pao to kill them. There's like 10 of it all over the floor and Pao was a bit reluctant at first then suddenly, she unleashed the super power in her and jumped like some mad woman, hitting those buggers with i-forgot-what and screaming like some scary person.

Then she stamped on them and keep shouting and I was sitting there, totally stunned. Then I saw a few of them near me and I woke up.

It's weird cause I've not encountered much lizards that will cause me to dream of them lately. The only one I saw that afternoon was the one on that man's leg- his freaking tattoo.

Dream 2
Today I dreamt that I was at someone's place, i-forgot-who and was bathing. The toilet is some weird one where they have doors but it's kind of like open air. The height of the wall is like to my shoulder and maybe higher a little.

I dreamt that someone (whose house I was in but I forgot who is it), was looking at me when I was bathing. T___T So scary and I tried to hide but somehow I couldn't though the wall is not exactly very low.

I woke up in fear at 9.00 a.m., an hour earlier than I usually does. =s

ps: Am loving all the CDs by the Koreans who came for Korean Praise I bought during church service yesterday.

Hide me now,
Under your wings,
Cover me,
Within Your mighty hands.


Diana said...

lol, cute

Mrs Chong said...

what cute??? Traumatize k??? =x