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Friday, June 05, 2009

Shan brought us back to the past

Two weeks ago, I went back to my secondary school to get my soon-to-be-sent-back-to-JPA STPM cert. It wasn't my fault ok? I went back once and it was deserted. T______T Because it was a public holiday. Mana I tau??? I was on a study break myself.
#1. where teachers park their car. Not any teachers okay? Big shot teachers with cars that fits their title. Big also.

#2. pee-cee-cee where I paid RM10 monthly to learn what I learnt in my computer class last sem. Failed badly during secondary school but miraculously did ok in uni. I know why, I used to play computer games in my computer class back then. Ali Khattan is too fierce, I dare not play in his class now.

#3. On the way to visit my favourite hang out place when I was in Form6, the library. IF YOU THINK WHAT IS THIS? PING LOVES LIBRARY? NONSENSE, SHE DOESN'T EVEN STUDY. Well, you are half right. I go to library for the air-cond only, thankyouverymuch.

#4. Me pretending to read at the sofa where we sometimes take short naps.

We loved to hide in between the shelves of books to talk or read because we get to browse till we've chosen which book we really want to bring to the table. Sometimes I sit there to talk to Swee Win and Yi Lin who was on duty as librarian.

Well, this few pictures totally summed up what I did in the library back in Form 6. I either talk or I sleep. Sigh.

They is got new table outside the labs for people like us to sit and mengeratkan hubungan silaturahim.

And they changed the clock. THEY CHANGED THE FREAKING CLOCK!!! Picture #3. Yi Lin and I was busy pointing at the unusually short tree that we took picture with 2 years ago.
#5. Yi Lin and I are still as mischievious, sitting at the tempat larangan and take pictures. XD
#6. My 'YES' pose with the trophies that NONE is mine. Tumpang glamour saja.
Our whale and er turtle with lepers. Seriously, white elephant la these two. Waste so much money to build them and they serve NO purpose at all. NONE, ZERO.
Teehee, Yi Lin and I was pointing at Malaysia on the world map. A bit too tiny hor? XD

New signboard. The wordings a bit not expensive looking. But I love the fountain and little hut.

Ah Shan came and brought us to New World Park and it rained so heavily. We were drenched because the architect and the contractor who built NWP are dumbos like that. When it rains, even if you are sitting inside, you'll get wet. T___T APANI???

Food glorious food.
L-R, Top: Chee Cheong Fun, Yam Cake, Otak-otak, Pasembur
L-R, Bottom: Char Koay Teow, Char Hor Fun, Ice-kacang, Chee Cheong Fun again.
T___T Sorry, a bit fail at collaging picture.
We proceeded to Gurney.
Win calls them the Paparazzi shots. More like ugly random shots where it shows our kehodohan. Sigh. After Shan left we went Toy'R'Us.
And camwhored a little. Wheee. I was scared la. Because our legs are a little painful already, we decided to pamper ourselves and went to Manila Place for some dessert and to rest our legs with glam.

We ordered Mango Pancake which I think Diana will be so jealous of. =P We ordered some mix juice that I have forgotten the types of fruits.

Played around with the glass there and took nonsense shots of the two friends.

I like how silly we look because I am silly like that. Hehehe.
Right after we finished our pancake and rested our legs, we left Manila Place and Yi Lin wanted to eat some curly fries so curly fries we went. Got to A&W and ordered curly fries and waffle. T______T
The said curly fries and waffle.
Took more nonsense pictures.

Stuffed ourselves crazy with more flour and ice-cream.

We were completely flour overdose that day. But we had fun, we had. We had fun the next few days too but that will have to wait till I'm back from KL. =))

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