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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mr Koay Part II

Today is the last day we will ever see Mr. Koay in school, wearing his usual baju, with his usual short tie coming to school to teach. We had an assembly to celebrate his retirement with him. The Form Sixes were being given the chance to sit in front as we are the ones he taught before. I sat the second row for the first time in my life and actually glad I got the place. Swee Hong claims that his tie is longer today because it actually reached the 4th button on his shirt whereby usually, it only reached the 3rd one. -.- Anyway, as the whole class simply adore him, we were not even complaining when we had to sit in front. Seems like he is quite influential to U6V1 students who are always complaining and at times hate the school and the rules.

During the speeches, there were many times I was almost in tears but I controlled it and made sure it stayed there, in my eyes. Pn. Irene describe Sir as a teddy bear. He does look like a teddy bear. I have never actually had my own teacher retiring. Okay, I had, but I didn't even like them. I shall not gossip but I can't control myself. I will not mention names but one was very very strict, not much people liked her although she was an English teacher (it seems like English teachers are usually more lovable). Besides, I was only in Form2, I did not really know how to be sad when a teacher leaves. Another one was very bias and only like pretty students. So I didn't really like him cause he always pick on me and yes, because I am not pretty lar. Cannot is it? They are the two teachers I can think of who left when I was still in SGGS doing my Form1-5.

However, things are different with Mr. Koay. I LIKE HIM! Well, I actually loved all the speeches by Pn. Irene, Pn. Jansee, Pn. Pengetua and Mr. Koay himself. Pn. Irene mentioned that Mr. Koay is like a teddy bear and he says okay to everything. Pn. Jansee said that Mr. Koay always say, "Nevermind, nevermind." I did not know he is such a sweetie to everyone. I used to think that he said that to make us feel guilty. Cause he is extremely nice and I thought maybe it was his strategy. Yes, I think too much. =P I am not sure whether it was Pn. Jansee or Pn. Irene who said Mr. Koay loves the pond a lot. He was washing the pond the day before. I was almost in tears when I heard that. I still remember before the Sports Day, Yi Lin and I had to saw some mop sticks for our Mahsuri hias khemah thing. We asked him to bring us to the bengkel and he did. He was busy feeding the fish while we were busy sawing in the bengkel. Then we started asking for sand paper, this, that. The only thing he said was, "Sure, go ahead, take, take, take anything you need." Yi Lin and I were saying, "He so nice la. So nice......" I have not met a teacher like him. I met many nice teachers throughout my 16 years of studying but none of them is like him. I am glad I was under him before.

He is always smiling and ever so friendly, everyone knows that. The one thing Pn. Pengetua mention about Mr. Koay that got me laughing was that JKR people come, sure find Mr. Koay. When she mentioned that, I keep recalling the times we were complaining and asking for fans from him and he was very very nice, smiling and say he will look into it. Although we have yet to get it, we still feel grateful cause he actually cared. It is not that we are choosy when it comes to teacher but its the small things they do that makes you appreciate them. We do not pick on teachers. The only reason we like one teacher over another is that the teacher is willing to understand us and look into our problem and actually fight for us, not just telling us that he/she can't do anything about it. We can't possible go up to the Kementerian or the Pengetua to complain, can we? Teachers are our middle-man, the one who can be there to help us.

Anyway, Mr. Koay's speech was the funniest. He told a small secret of Pengetua. He said Pn. Pengetua took pictures of 'tembok-tembok' while looking for the perfect design to replace our school's fences and put them in her handphone. He even said that if the Pengetua is to be angry with him, she can only be angry for one day. So cool when he was telling jokes. Then he mentioned that during one meeting with Pn. Siti Sarimah to discuss about the tembok, he wasn't really paying attention to her, he was busy thinking and imagining how funny Pn. Pengetua looked like when she is taking the pictures. -.- Sir, meeting time don't daydream can? =P

He also managed to fulfill the dream of those administrator of SGGS ever since 1980s which is the change the fences to the brick ones. I was touched when I heard him saying that he bought the wires and get the private sector workers to fix our school's old fences. He is a teacher for god's sake. What is he doing fixing fences? He is really someone we should look up to. He also took care of the pond in front of bengkel. He feed the fished, wash the ponds. How will life be? After 27 years in this school, if he were to wake up tomorrow knowing that he do not have to come to school anymore, will be feel empty?

In his speech, there's another part which got me laughing so hard, I was in tears, tears of joy. He said he was once assigned to get the plants from MPPP people. The people there was surprise how SGGS get free plants when they themslves had to buy from other supplier. Anyway, as the lorry was not available till the evening, he called up Mr. Teng and Mr. Ang. He decided to transport the plants back to school by their own cars. BAD MOVE. After few rounds going to and fro the MPPP place, he regretted making that decision in the first place for their car were filled with the organic fertilizer's odour. Mr. Ang's car was a new one and that odour remained for quite some time. I can't stand in and start laughing like mad, imagining Mr. Ang's face at that time. =P Mr. Teng looked sad throughout the whole ceremony.

Good songs from the Junior Prefects and at 1pm, we went down, waved to Mr. Koay as Miss K drive him off.


That's the end. Happy retirement, sir.

perfect picture. If you are one of the U6V1 students, you will understand. Its not easy to get everyone in school, in class and willing to take pictures together. 41 is big!
Mr. Koay and us. One of the best picture that I am sure all of us will treasure a lot for its not easy to get it taken. Seriously, 41 is big and hard to control. Although there's lots of politics, I still love U6V1.

Bentengs plus some none bentengs.

Sir, the peace maker. Regret that we did not take much pictures with him. Should have taken more with him.

ps: To those who wants to know more about him, go to Yu Jean's blog. I miss a lot of his lessons for I don't listen. Should have listened. He is so cuteeeeeee. Am laughing though I just read it from Yu Jean's blog. And I know where to find him. =) IPG!!!!!!!

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