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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Daniel in Gurney on the 15/07

15th July 2007.

The day I have been counting down for. The day where I get to meet him again after such a long time apart. I am sure all Penang Pinkies felt the same. It has been a long time and we missed him. I got up late that day. Reached Gurney and rushed up to the cinema to watch Harry Potter. The show was okay lar. I am not exactly a huge fans of Harry Potter, that's why Win caught me lazing around and asking lots of question. Bet she regrets sitting with me. I just talk too much. =P Anyway, after the show, we went to the ladies then headed for foodcourt cause we were starving. Ate chicken rice and fixed my banner. Then called Ju-Yen and she brought the other Pinkies to me. Ha-ha, thanks layleng for the mag from Redbox. They went for redbox session earlier. Anyway, after that, I quickly eat my chicken rice and ran to Apple Centre thinking that Daniel might be there. But no, he was not. Then I brought some of the Pinkies to get TVTimes with Wu Zun inside. I then got seperated with Shan, Yi Lin and Win. T.T Anyway, I joined the Pinkies after that to get whistles and stuff. Sorry to Shan cause I ended up screaming like maad in front and leave you guys behind. I really had a great time though. I think I should just point form everything.

~4.00p.m- Ran down to the ground floor, got into toilet,changed my Pinkies Tee.
~4.10p.m gather outside with other pinkies and wore our badge.
~4.15p.m got a lot of attention from people around there. Decided to move to the stage.
~4.30p.m Saw Sandra there. So many people there already. Tried to squeeze in but to no avail. Took group pictures.
~4.45p.m saw the Tinge poster, got one. Stand around with our banners.
~ Just enjoying ourselves until Daniel came some time after 5. Actually, probably 5.30 or later, not sure.

Anyway, Daniel came out and we were in super hyper mood. Cheered, sang, shouted. We said, 'DANIEL, PENANG PINKIES MISSED YOU SOOOO MUCH' and he said, ' I MISS YOU ALL TOO + something I did not hear.' He is not longer afraid of us. Hope that continues. And to the ARMY *LayLeng,JY,and Ming will understand*. DONT COME AND KACAU OK? ish.

Then we went up stage to get our album signed. His hand was very warm. Oh. =P

Had so much fun and when it all ended, we had several pictures taken with all the Pinkies and then Shan and I headed for food court for some drinks. The mix fruit juice was sour, but the lemonade was even worse. I pity Shan, but she seems to love it. Then I sat and talked to Swteh, Ming, Xin and Lay Leng at the food court. We took pictures and left at 7.30 p.m. Let the pictures do all the talking now. When there's Pinkies and Daniel's events, I think the picture will be a lot. =P. Pictures are in random order.

Daniel, making his cute face. Can see the Daniel is Unavoidable banner?? Mine. =)

My banner, the audience and Daniel. =P

Penang Pinkies with Uncle IH aka Jimmy. =P We had to ask Sony BMG's permission to take this pic okay? No la. Just some blur answer from Uncle IH cause he thought we wanted a group pic with Daniel.

Daniel, this i what I call cute-ness melebih.

Daniel, close-up. Perfect.

Swaying to his songs.

Hitting high notes or waving with us. Left right left right.

Daniel who looks so cuteeeee... Thanks to Shutterbug

Daniel. How can you all say he not cute? He is nothing like Wu Zun but he is cute.

Daniel teaching the rest how to re-act his Tinge advert.

Tinge, I am me.

Daniel mouth open wide. Cute.

Daniel acting cute. *pics by tchinyee*

You. Yes you. *pics by tchinyee*

Sing with me. =P

Daniel. Cute. Love.

Pinkies, Penang or none Penang ones.

Ju-Yen and I with the banners. =P

Ju-Yen, DT, Me. (DT=Daniel Tua.) DT complains that we only want him because we can't get a shot with Daniel. Hmm. How come he know hah? Very obvious meh? lol. =P

Ju-Yen, Aunty Swan, and Me.

Us and Aunty Swan's sister. I don't know their name but will find out. =P

Penang + Kl Pinkies.

That's all for now. Till I get more pictures. =P

ps: sorry for not stating this. Lupa la. Used up 4 hours to complete all these post okay?? Kam Xia to Uncle IH, Shutterbug and Ju-Yen for these pictures. The pictures are taken from . Go there for more pictures.


sHaN sHaN said...

Haha..i realise something...we didn't took any pic together...haihz...lolx...
he's cute but i prefer his voice...lolx....n his songs dat i love da most is forgive me....

Mrs Chong said...

I love lots of his songs in this album lar... =P almost all...hehehe...ya wasted....u lar...stand one side din ajak me to take pic...i sedih...nvm...later he got celebration album we go then we take lar..although u might not buy the celeb album... =P

sHaN sHaN said... fault ar?? pandai betul...
macam la i noe him...macam la i can
but seriously this album worth buyin...thanks ya...