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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Wei Wei tagged me. I am lazy to link everyone. So I always type names but never link. If you want to see their blogs, go to see it at the side lar. I got very important thing to do one ok? I got meme to write about. Here goes...

So here's the rules.
'Write about one of your naughties moment in secondary school'
'Story must not be shorter than 20000 words. Jk. Just dont make it too brief lah'
'Tag bloggers who you think have really interesting stories to tell. Dont go "ah i wont tag anyone"'

One only meh??? Actually my naughty moments are not very naughty. If you read it, you'll go, "Like that call naughty meh?" roll eyes. So I will list down a few and see if you find it naughty or not okay?

1. I stare right into my teachers eyes when they punished me. Especially when I was not at wrong. I got it once in primary school and once in secondary. I just hate teachers who punish people without first checking out what was the problem. I won't cry cause that will only make them happy. Sick thoughts? I know. =P

2. I brought lots of illegal stuff to school and once got caught for bringing more than 10 VCDs to school. It was post PMR. Everyone brings VCD to school. In the end, they had no choice but to return them all to us without any action taken cause no one was willing to go up and claim their pirated RM5 VCD. =P

3. I gave problems to the Monitor and Assistant Monitor when I was in Form 3 that the first pair to be elected as temporary Monitors as part of their ways "TO MAKE US REALIZE HOW MUCH WORK THE MONITOR AND ASSISTANT HAS AND HOW WE ACTUALLY MADE THEIR LIVE TERRIBLE" was me and my 12 years mia friend,AC.

SHIT, I am actually very good girl. Apart from talking too much, I was pretty alright girl who only gets her name remembered for well, talking too much in class. Ah Wei is wilder than me. =P So much wilder.

I am going to tag some innocent angels or so as they claim or look like one.
1. Pao Pao
2. Ah Shan

Happy telling me your stories.

After I go offline and think think, actually I did pretty funny stuff in school. Not naughty but cheeky. I once scare my friend. She was sleeping with her head on the table. Then being the cheeky us, my 12 years kawan aka AC and I decided to kacau her a little. We counted to three and pushed our chair. Actually we wanted to complete the show by saying 'Selamat Pagi Cikgu' but she already jumped up thinking that the teacher was in the class already. We had a good laugh after that.

ps: I think Pao should do the one on her primary school one. It is more interesting like that. So Pao, add in your primary school one. =P


weiwei said...

haha.. tak guna!!!! so kuai ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joking.. good girl la.

Mrs Chong said...

I cant think of anything lar.. I mean ponteng school tak kira, ponteng class tak kira,tidur/cakap dalam kelas tak kira, bawa barang larangan tak kira,I do one things are like that nia leh...oh and alwiz late for school,also tak sedih lar...

sHaN sHaN said...

swt...i so guai where gt stories to tell...apa pasal tag me?? haihz....lolx....

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