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Saturday, August 07, 2010

these girls are ♥

What will life be if I've not met them? Well, I wouldn't want to know the answer.

Dreaming of our prince charming. I think mine is kinda cute, Diana's is a bit scary and June's just plain boring. =P Look at our expression. It's either I act best or their prince charming is not really charming after all. =P

My friends are so cute, I ♥ them. =)

Our one and only group picture but major ♥

Why do we always end up with same face? But ♥

Look at my greedy face. And Diana's super cute busuk face. =) *busuk face means face you do when you smell something funny. Not her face busuk. She very wangi one*

I do sad face. They say cute. Haih, even my students say cute. I guess I shall just be garang.

The art of camwhoring is that you can make yourself look as though you are not camwhoring.

The main reason we gather. Side reason is WE MISS EVERYONE!!

And June has been photobombing me the entire night. First with the penguin tissue, now with her own face.

I was telling my friend that these friends I know here is MUCH different from anyone else I've met in uni. Apart from them (except my family), there's is no one I can wrap my arms around or cling onto throughout the whole mall and still feel it's okay doing so. You know who you are. I ♥ the fact that we will automatically open up space for each other to slide our hands through our arms to walk arms in arms. And laugh at one another's joke and lameness and then create more. Even if we've not met for a long time, this still remains.

Thank you girls for the great day out. I needed it. It's just different to be out with you girls.

And the ones who are enjoying in UK, COME BACK QUICK. And the one in Sabah, waiting for you to come back for Raya!!! And the one in KL, come back or we'll forget you =P

♥ Ping Ping

ps: It's so funny when Diana said all of you were afraid of me back in high school cause I was always emo-nemo and garang-garang and I sang to her Amazing Grace with super terrible voice to annoy her. But she's not annoyed. I think I need to do it to Win. kekeke.


Diana said...

sayanggg <3

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