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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stop misleading me

It kills inside when that someone you secretly likes mislead you with 1001 things.

And you really want to crawl into his/her mind to find out what's really running inside there.

Knowing very well that you'll never be able to do that, it kills, slowly but surely.

And he/she goes on to mislead you.

If you don't mean it, stop it. Really. We appreciate that.


reddaisie said...

If really beh tong terus confront the person

So, if the person really meant it then good

If not then..though it might hurt a least dun nit to suffer anymore

Mad Maureen said...

Yeah, agreed. Just be direct kan... Or else we would make our own interpretation.. Haiz.. which leads to more misunderstanding.. :S

Mrs Chong said...

pao: easier said than done.

maureen: yea...hate it when people leads me on..

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