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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life is a neverending learning process

Learnt today that guys will always be guys and no matter how close you are with them, you just cannot treat them like they are your girl friends. You need to be careful of what you say, what you do and how close you are with them.

We are still living in the era where it's not okay for a girl and a guy be good buddies without getting stares and whispers from people, where a girl and a guy are impossible to be JUST friends.

Sometimes it's so tiring living according to what people think and what people say. But this is life. Life is not just about us. Life includes many other people in it and so, I guess, it's okay if we feel restricted. We are not living on our own sweet little island.

Note to self, talk less to guys, it saves lots of troubles.


jess* said...
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jess* said...


people will talk of course they will.. but if u continue to remain as friends one day they'll get tired of talking and then it'll all me. been there, done that.

its how far u r willing to go to keep that friendship is all that matters.

so what's wrong with platonic relationships between a guy and a girl? unless the guy has a gf and the girl has a bf then of course its not appropriate la.. but if both oso single and good friendship without any party liking each other is built then why not?

Mrs Chong said...

jess: people have been telling me to keep a distance all. A bit frustrated with it la. Talked to the said friend and he told me to just take it in, if it does not work for me, I don't have to follow what others say. I guess there's a reason why we are good buddies. <3 *hugs* thanks though.

Feel much better now.

3w3yaN said...
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crazyyakuzaishi said...

not forgetting the 'respect' element as well in any friendship.. =)

we need to respect the opposite sex and treat him/her the way God wants us to..

as long as you apply Godly principles in your friendship, i think it'll be alright..

hey..we don't always find friends that can click so easily.. and when we do..we need to treasure them lor.. be it guy...or girl.. :)

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