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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

God of my dry bones

There are times I felt that I'm so wounded, so scarred, it's impossible to be healed again.

And God is telling me again and again, nothing is impossible for Him.

I told myself it's impossible for me to tear down my wall, just to let people trample all over me, take advantage of me and then leave me to clear the mess.

It has happened for way too many times, one can't help but to think, aiya, impossible one la.

Whack my head for thinking that. =) God will heal. God knows our pains, He knows. Someone once told me, Ping, stop running away. Stop living in denial. Stop making yourself believe that you are okay when you are not.

I guess today is one of those days, I really am tired of running away, of hiding myself, of telling myself it's impossible. It's one of those days I believe that God can heal me. That He can bring back life to my dry bones, even when people have suck out every single living cells in it.

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